Our Story


It all started when...

David came into the world in 1983 and Ron needed to support his growing family now of four. He went to work for Shearson trading in stocks and commodities. Over time, his business and his company's businesses evolved.

Shearson eventually became Smith Barney and Ron was specializing in managed money and municipal bonds. David joined Smith Barney in 2006 to help grow the practice and learn the ways of the financial markets. As the global economy began to collapse in what was soon to be called The Great Recession they started looking for other options.

Starting our business in 2009

Starting our business in 2009

The industry was reeling and mergers were being forced in order to stave off further damage to the banking system. Father and son decided it was time for a change and move out from under the investment banks that were largely responsible for the financial crisis. 

In April of 2009 they started their own firm, Hunt Wealth Management.


Ron is President and CEO and continues to specialize in municipal bonds and relationship management. He lives in Clayton, California with his wife where they raised three children. In his spare time, he enjoys going to concerts and ballgames. He also enjoys being lakeside at Eagle Lake in the Lassen national forest. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and a rabid Duck fan.

David is Vice President and senior portfolio manager and specializes in holistic planning and portfolio construction. He lives in Concord, California with his wife and his dog, Dante. He enjoys wine tasting in the Sonoma Valley, music festivals, and exploring the world in his travels. He graduated from the University of California at Davis and studied abroad at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.


David Hunt

Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager and Panning Services